The Big Apple’s Best Burgers 2007


Today New York Magazine published its Best of New York issue, always one of my favorites. Particularly notable was the article about the best burgers in New York. This year, they had several well-known restaurant reviewers name a favorite burger in each of three price ranges, high, medium and low. That seemed like an excellent choice considering we now live in the era of “couture-burger”, where prices can range all the way up to $20 for a goat cheese burger on a toasted brioche bun served with chickpea fries. The soon-to-be world famous Bay Burger will fall somewhere around $6.50 including tax, which if you ask me is an absolute bargain considering we’ve attacked its design with the precision of a surgical team.

My very first restaurant job, Fairway Cafe, is on the list and I can say having eaten MANY that it is a pretty damn good burger, though selling it for $12 on a Pepperidge Farm bun is criminal. However, I certainly don’t think the Fairway Cafe burger is any better than Burger Joint’s. Speaking of which, I’m very surprised Joe’s former employer was not mentioned anywhere on the list, as Burger Joint tends to rate consistently as one of the best burgers in Manhattan. In fact, according to The London Times back in 2005, the Burger Joint burger “is the best burger in New York, and therefore the world.” Now THAT’S something for us to live up to!

March 5, 2007. Uncategorized.

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